Important Message

Dear Richmond Staff and Families,

We are barely into the new year, and it is with an extremely heavy heart that I reach out to you with news regarding a school shooting at Perry High School in Perry, Iowa. As we struggle to make sense of this tragedy, I am reminded that while these events occur all too frequently, we want our students to feel safe at school.

We continue to prioritize safety in our schools by investing in infrastructure and training, as well as creating policies and procedures to secure our facilities. The recent installation of Nightlock® shades and door barricades allow staff to quickly lock down their classrooms in the event of an emergency and prevent doors from being pried open or unlocked from the outside. In addition, staff have been issued Centegix® crisis alert badges which allow them to call for immediate assistance with the touch of a button. The system notifies the main and district offices when an alert is triggered, who triggered it, and where in the building or on campus they are located. The badge also gives staff the ability to implement building lockdowns should a situation arise. When the lockdown is activated, the Richmond Police Department is immediately notified. Ensuring school safety is the job of all of us. It is why we frequently remind members of our school community to say something if they see something. It is why we take advantage of programs like OK2SAY, Michigan’s student safety tip line.

While details of the violence in Iowa are few at this point, I know you join me in hoping for peace and healing for the Perry, Iowa community. I am including a link to an article published by the National Association of School Psychologists that provides insights into talking to your child about violence, I hope you find it helpful.

CLICK HERE to read the letter from Superintendent Walmsley regarding the school shooting in Perry, Iowa.