Technology Plan

"Richmond Community Schools will incorporate technology as a means of integrating curriculum across subject areas. Students and educators will be guaranteed opportunities to use technology as an integral part of education, addressing diverse learning styles and learning rates. We will use technology to improve communication, enhance thinking skills, make instruction more efficient and effective, provide opportunities to better prepare students for today's work force, and develop skills critical to success."

Core Values

  1. Technology provides administrative aides that provide immediate feedback to students of their progress.

  2. Knowledge and use of technology is essential for students in order to be successful in the future.

  3. Technology provides teachers with more access to faster, more efficient means of record keeping.

  4. It provides access to a means of education any time, and place outside of school.

  5. It provides an arena for engaging communication and collaboration.

  6. Technology provides more opportunity to capture a student’s interest by exposing them to ideas that may not happen any other way.

  7. Technology enables students to learn at their own pace.

  8. It empowers students to locate and interact with information.

  9. Technology enhances lesson delivery.

  10. Technology allows teachers to adapt lessons to meet the individual needs of all students’ learning styles and intelligences.

  11. It provides efficient communications between staff, parents, students and community.

  12. Technology facilitates the employment of authentic learning activities that have real world value