About Richmond Community Schools

The Richmond Community School District is located on M-19 between I-69 and I-94 at 32-Mile Road. Richmond serves as a regional hub, servicing a primary center of commerce centered between Port Huron and Mount Clemens. Business composition is well diversified. The city provides three shopping districts. The rural setting leaves residents with a hometown atmosphere while never lacking the benefit of modern conveniences.

At Richmond Community Schools, we provide a quality education that empowers students to be successful in a global community.

  • It is necessary that all students are prepared for the future.

  • All students are capable of success, and learn in different ways.

  • Students should have a clear understanding of their goals and how to reach them, and they can rise to the challenge set before them.

  • Inspired teachers are necessary for learning, and the entire staff enhances the education of the children.

  • All people deserve to be valued and treated with respect.

  • School is a place where every student feels safe and welcome.

  • Family support is crucial to each student's success.

  • Community support is essential to educating every single child.

Every student is engaged in creative thinking and problem solving, and possesses the skills necessary to achieve individual goals.