Annual Education Report

The federal components of the Annual Education Report (AER) provide detailed information about the status of education in Michigan’s public schools, public school academies, districts and Michigan’s statewide performance. This report provides all of the information on Teacher Quality, Student Assessment and Accountability for schools, districts and the state in one convenient place.

Teacher Qualifications

Identifies teacher qualifications in relation to requirements. Here you can find how many teachers in a school, district or across the state possess specific qualifications.

Student Assessment

Presents assessment information for English language arts and mathematics for grades 3 to 8 and 11, and science for grades 5, 8 and 11, compared to targets for all students as well as subgroups of students. The report helps users understand achievement progress within grades and schools, and to make comparisons to district, state and national achievement benchmarks.

Accountability Scorecard

Uses information from assessments, graduation and attendance rates to determine if the school and district are meeting accountability targets. Here you can identify how well your school and district are serving the overall academic needs of students. More information about the Accountability Scorecards is available here.

Letter from the Superintendent

To view a letter from the Superintendent CLICK HERE

District Improvement Plan

2023-2026 District Improvement Plan: Student Engagement Goal CLICK HERE

2021-2022 District School Improvement Plan CLICK HERE
2019-2020 District School Improvement Plan CLICK HERE  
2018-2019 District School Improvement Plan CLICK HERE
2017-2018 District School Improvement Plan CLICK HERE
2016-2017 District School Improvement Plan CLICK HERE
2015-2016 District School Improvement Plan CLICK HERE

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