Pre-Student / Student Teacher Information

The Richmond Community School District encourages cooperation with colleges and universities in the placement of pre-student and student teachers in the district’s schools.  Student teachers shall be placed with experience, non-probationary staff members who agree to perform this service.

The Superintendent, in cooperation with the building/department administrator, shall recommend the selection and placement of student teachers.  The cooperating teacher and principal shall be responsible for the conduct of pre-student and student teachers while they serve in the district.

Pre-student/Student Teacher Guidelines
To ensure the productive experience for pre-student and student teachers, school personnel and students, the following guidelines shall be followed:

  1. Non-probation teachers must have on file with the Superintendent’s Office a completed and approved Request for Teacher Supervisors for Pre-student and Student Teachers form.

  2. Pre-student and Student Teachers must have on file with the Superintendent’s Office a completed and approved Applicationto Pre-student or Student Teach form.

  3. The Superintendent’s Office shall forward all approved prospective Pre-student and Student Teachers to the appropriate building/department administrators and prospective cooperating teachers for consideration.

  4. The building/department administrator and prospective cooperating teachers shall interview candidates for pre-student and student teacher placements prior to their assignment in the district.  Once the interview process have been conducted, the building/department administrators and cooperating teacher shall email the Superintendent indicating that they accept or do not accept the placement of the prospective Pre-student or Student Teacher.

  5. The Superintendent’s Office shall notify the Supervising Instructor at the College/University and the Pre-student/Student Teacher if their placement requested was approved or not approved.

  6. Through the Superintendent’s Office, Pre-Student/Student Teachers must be fingerprinted and drug tested.  The cost for drug testing will be covered by the District and the cost for fingerprinting shall be at the expense of the Pre-Student/Student teacher.

  7. No RCS teacher shall have a Pre-student or Student Teacher under his/her supervision unless they have the required amount of experience mandated by the College or University of the Pre-student/Student Teacher.

  8. The Student Teacher Development Process (STDP) must be reviewed and followed by all RCS Cooperating Teachers and Pre-student/Student Teachers.  The STDP includes three (3) positive observations using the Richmond Community Schools Student Teacher Observation Form before the Pre-student/Student Teacher independently teaches.

  9. School personnel shall work collaboratively with the college or university to evaluate the performance of the student teacher.  Building/department administrator, in cooperation with the college or university and the cooperating teacher, shall monitor the performance of the student teacher to ensure students receive appropriate instruction.  Any problems with the pre-student/student teacher shall be reported to the building/department administrator.  The building/department administrator, cooperating teacher, and the college or university supervisor shall meet to develop a plan of action/improvement.

[CLICK HERE] to complete the Application to Pre-Student/Student Teach in Richmond Community Schools
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