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CARE’s WorkLife Solutions has been assisting organizations with finding solutions to work/life issues since 1977.  CARE provides proactive tools for employers and employees that address both personal and organizational development.  As a full-service Employee Assistance Program (EAP), CARE’s WorkLife Solutions helps employers stretch their benefit dollars and solve problems resulting in lower absenteeism, higher productivity and lower health care utilization.

CARE’s WorkLife Solutions provides productivity and risk management tools for employers to meet the needs of a changing workforce.  Employers and employees are supported by addressing morale, job performance concerns, productivity, absenteeism and much more.  If a full service program is not for you, CARE’s WorkLife Solutions can still provide a variety of training, development, and coaching services.

Employees of CARE’s WorkLife Solutions contracted companies have password protected access to the next level of interactive, hands-on work/life assistance including nearly 100 online training opportunities, thousands of tip sheets and an abundance of information to help you better balance work/life issues.

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