Welcome to Richmond Community Schools, where we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment for students of all ages. We are so glad you are here! We invite you to explore the opportunities that await your child within our vibrant community. Enrolling with us is a simple and seamless process, designed to ensure a smooth transition into our educational family. Join us in shaping a bright future for your child at Richmond Community Schools.

Now Accepting Applications for School of Choice for the 24-25 School Year!

We are currently enrolling students who live in (or are moving into) the Richmond Community School District.

To begin the enrollment process for all students in pre-school through 12th grade, please click the Pre-Registration link below:

Pre-Registration Enrollment

Within two school days, we will review your pre-enrollment and, if approved, you will receive an email directly from PowerSchool detailing how to proceed with your student's enrollment.

Click Here to verify that you live in (or are moving into) the Richmond Community School District. The interactive map shows all school districts that are within Macomb County.  You can either search by address in the search bar or click on the map for additional information on a school district.

Richmond Community Schools is committed to a seamless onboarding experience for our students and their families. For any inquiries or assistance throughout the enrollment process, please feel free to contact Sarah Ogden, our dedicated and professional enrollment specialist. We value your transition into our educational community and aim to provide the support and information you need for a successful start. Welcome to Richmond Community Schools, where your child's education is our priority!

 Sarah Ogden

Sarah Ogden

Community Liaison, PowerSchool, and Pupil Accounting Coordinator

Phone: (586) 727-3565, ext. 6060

Fax: (586) 727-2098


Enrollment FAQs

I don't live within the Richmond Community School District? Can my child still come to school there?

The State of Michigan allows public schools to participate in a program called "School of Choice". Each year, we apply for permission to admit enrollment to students who live outside our district boundaries. These School of Choice windows usually run before both first and second semester. Out of district students are welcome to apply during either our first semester or second semester window. If our district isn't currently open for School of Choice, please contact Sarah Ogden for information on the next available window.

How do I apply for School of Choice?

Answer: You can apply for School of Choice during our first semester or second semester window. You apply by completing the School of Choice application available on this page. If the application is not currently available online, our window is closed. Please contact Sarah Ogden for the dates of the next available School of Choice window.

Applications must be completed in full, signed by the student's former school, and discipline logs for the prior two years should be included with the completed application. Acceptance is contingent upon review of a student's discipline history. Students with prior discipline infractions are subject to denial. For further information on School of Choice, contact Sarah Ogden.

I didn't receive an approval email after I submitted my pre-enrollment. Now what?

Answer: Please allow for two school days to pass. If you still haven't received an approval email, please check your spam folder. Emails will come directly from PowerSchool. If the email is not in your spam folder, please email Sarah Ogden at sogden@richmond.k12.mi.us. She can forward you the information you need to create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account to access the enrollment documents.

How do I schedule an appointment to finalize my enrollment?

Answer: When you submit the final enrollment form in your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, a box will populate that says "Ok". In that box, there is also a link to our Enrollment Finalization Calendar. To access that link, re-submit the final item and click on the writing in that confirmation box that says "Click HERE to schedule an enrollment appointment". If for some reason you are still unable to schedule from that link, email Sarah Ogden at sogden@richmond.k12.mi.us.

What items should I bring to my enrollment appointment?

Answer: Each enrollment is different. However, the main items we will be looking for are:

  • Two proofs of residency (Ex: Mortgage, Property Tax Bill, lease agreement, utility bills, voter registration, etc.)

  • Parent ID

  • Student's birth certificate

  • Student's immunization record

  • Custody agreement, if applicable

  • Medical concern documentation, if applicable

  • Hearing and vision test results (kindergarten only)

  • Proof of income (GSRP applicants only)

I live with someone and don't have any bills in my name. What do I do?

Answer: When you schedule your enrollment appointment, be sure to select a date and time that works for both you and the person you are living. They will need to come with you to sign a Residency Affidavit confirming that you live with them. They'll need to provide their ID and two proofs of residency. If they are unable to come in for your appointment, you can pick up a copy of the form to complete at home. Please note that the Residency Affidavit must be signed in the presence of a notary. We have a notary on staff here at the administration building.

Where do I go for my enrollment appointment?

Answer: Enrollment appointments are held at the administration building. We are located at 35276 Division, Richmond, MI 48062 on the backside of Richmond Middle School. Drive all the way behind the middle school. Our entrance is door #13.

I don't have access to a computer. Can I come fill out paper forms instead?

Answer: All of our enrollment forms are now only online. If you do not have access to a computer or a smart phone, we have a computer you can use at our administration building. To schedule a time to use our computer, please contact Sarah Ogden.

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