Athletic Department


Preston Treend

Director of Athletics, Facilities, and School Safety

(586) 727-3565, ext. 6080


Kristen Lange

Secretary to the Director of Athletics, Facilities and School Safety

(586) 727-3565 ext. 6051

Athletics Website

Use the link below to access the Richmond Athletics website hosted by EventLink. Here you will find athletic event schedules and links to register your student-athlete for participation in Richmond Athletics.

Athletics Website

Athlete Registration

Prior to practice or tryouts, all student-athletes will need a physical and completed EventLink Registration.

Physical - All student-athlete physicals MUST be on the MHSAA form, liked below. To be valid, the physical must be dated AFTER April 15th of the previous school year.
MHSAA Physical Form

EventLink Registration - Families new to Richmond Athletics will need to create an EventLink account from the link below. Be sure to select Richmond Community High School, even if registering for middle school sports.:
EventLink Account Creation

Once the account is created, each student will need a completed Student Athlete Registration. Use the link below to access that form:
Student Athlete Registration

If you missed the current season Parent Informational Meeting, below is the link PowerPoint

Parent Informational Meeting Presentation

Athletic Student Code of Conduct

On August 14, 2023, Preston Treend, Director of Athletics, Facilities, and School Safety, presented the 2023-24 Student-Athlete Code of Conduct to the Board of Education. On August 28, 2023, the Richmond Board of Education approved the 2023-24 Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.

Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

Athletic Youth Summer Camps

Use the Link below to sign up for our summer athletic camps offered by several of our RHS Athletic teams!

Athletic Summer Youth Camp signup


In the Richmond Community Schools District, students participating in Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) sponsored sports at the middle and high school are required to pay a non-refundable, Pay-to-Participate fee, approved by the Board of Education in June 2021, of $100.00 per year for high school and middle school sports. The Pay to Participate is reduced to $90 for students who qualify for Reduced Lunch and $80 for students who qualify for Free Lunch.

*Pay-to-Participate payments will be accepted online through a Debit/Credit Card or Electronic Check from a checking account.  There is a $2.65 fee for each $100.00 charged to a Debit/Credit Card and a $1.00 fee for Electronic Check payments, per payment made.  These “convenience fees” are in addition to the District’s Pay-to-Participate fee.*

Pay to Participate link - Meal Magic Family Portal

For families that do not have a valid Debit/Credit Card or a checking account, you may purchase a pre-loaded VISA or MasterCard at a local retail store, such as CVS, Kmart, or Kroger.

Fall Sports:
Volleyball - MS and HS
Sideline Cheer - MS and HS
Cross Country - MS and HS
Football - MS and HS
Soccer - Boys Varsity
Tennis - Boys Varsity
Golf - Girls Varsity

HS Deadline:
First game OR the Friday before Labor Day, whichever comes first

MS Deadline:
Second Friday after Labor Day

Winter Sports:
Boys Basketball - MS and HS
Girls Basketball - MS and HS
Bowling - HS Varsity and JV
Competitive Cheer - MS and HS
Wrestling - MS and HS

HS Deadline:
First Friday in December

MS Deadline:
First Friday in December for MS Girls Basketball and Wrestling
Second Friday in February for MS Boys Basketball and Cheer

Spring Sports:
Baseball - HS
Golf - Varsity Boys
Soccer - Varsity Girls
Softball - HS
Tennis - Varsity Girls
Track - MS and HS

HS Deadline:
Second Friday in April

MS Deadline:
Third Friday in April

Athletic Coaches

Athletic Coaches Handbook

To access the Athletic Coaches Handbook and the Schedule B Extra Curricular Salary Agreement, click on the links below:

2022-23 Athletic Coaches Handbook.pdf

Schedule B Extra-curricular Salary Agreement

State and National Tournaments/Competitions

The Richmond Community Schools will assist clubs or teams that compete at the “highest level of competition” within their organization or sport, often referred to as “States” or even “Nationals”.

To qualify for financial assistance from the District, the coach or club sponsor must submit a proposed detailed budget of expenses, at least one (1) week prior to the event or competition, to the appropriate Dean of Student.  For a copy of the Proposed Budget form, see 4110AG under the the Board Policy and Administrative Guidelines.

On the proposed budget sheet, the coach or club sponsor must submit an "official roster" of students participating in the event/competition and the "official" coach, coaches, or sponsors attending the event.  The budget must also reflect how non reimbursable items will be paid.

District supported reimbursement expenses include:


100% of the transportation cost will be covered, so long as the transportation is provided by Richmond Community Schools.  For competitions out of State, the Dean of Students and Coach/Club Sponsor shall meet with the Superintendent to determine a fair rate.


If the event or competition location, according to MapQuest, is more than 90 miles away from Richmond Community Schools (35276 Division, Richmond, Michigan 48062), the event or competition qualifies for lodging reimbursement up to $100 per room, inclusive of all taxes and fees.


The district shall reimburse meals only for the competing students and coaches/advisors on the "Official Roster" for the event or competition.  Meal reimbursements may not be combined or carried over to cover additional costs of another meal.  The district shall reimburse up to $10.00 for breakfast, $12.00 for lunch, and $15.00 for dinner.

Once a budget has been established AND approved, a check will be cut to the actual vendor (preferred) or directly to the district-level organizer of the event.  All checks issued must be reconciled with the Business Office within seven (7) calendar days following the event.

Itemized receipts are required following the completion of the event to clear any advances.  Again, reimbursement is only for student and coaches/advisors on the official roster of the “State/National” Meet/Tournament or Competition.

If a group chooses to bring additional students or adults, the district shall not reimburse students or adults not on the official roster.

Athletic Boosters and Volunteer Opportunities

About Athletic Boosters

The Athletic Boosters are a non-profit organization set up to support the Richmond High School/Richmond Middle School athletic teams. We are a club consisting of parents, of current students, at Richmond High School and Richmond Middle School. Our main priority is to raise funds, alongside the Athletic Department, to give athletic teams more opportunities to be successful each school year. Concessions and 50/50 ticket sales at athletic events, are a couple ways that we fundraise for the athletic programs. The Athletic Boosters also provide scholarships, through event fundraising, for student-athletes that are graduating seniors.

Athletic Boosters Mission

The mission of the Richmond Athletic Boosters is rooted in a steadfast commitment to bolstering the endeavors of the Athletic Department and, by extension, nurturing the growth and success of all team sports and student-athletes. Our primary objective is to provide unwavering support within the defined financial and physical constraints of the organization and its current fiscal budget.

Financial support takes various forms, ranging from fundraising initiatives to sponsorships and donations. Through these efforts, we aim to enhance the resources available to the Athletic Department, contributing to the acquisition of equipment, facility improvements, travel expenses, and other essential elements that directly impact the student-athletes' experiences.

Moreover, our dedication extends beyond financial contributions. We actively engage in fostering a positive and encouraging environment that uplifts the spirit of teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. By doing so, we aim to create a holistic support system that not only aids in the development of athletic prowess but also nurtures the personal growth and well-being of each student-athlete.

The Richmond Athletic Boosters operates with transparency, ensuring that every action aligns with the organization's fiscal budget and respects the physical capacities of the group. By maintaining financial prudence, we aim to maximize the impact of our support, creating a lasting legacy that enriches the athletic experiences of the students we proudly champion. Together, we strive to build a foundation that empowers student-athletes to thrive both on and off the field.

Athletic Board Members

Teri Cervi, President

Tami Xerri, Vice President and Concessions Manager

Ann Durst, Secretary

Marci Jarvis, Treasurer

Allison Rinehart, Volunteer Coordinator

Athletic Board Meetings

Meetings occur on the first Tuesday of every month, except for the months of July and December. The location is determined by the board at the end of each meeting. Additional meetings may be called by the Executive Board, if needed.

Everyone within the school district is invited and welcome to attend Booster Meetings. There are NO annual fees necessary for membership. However, to be a VOTING member or the Richmond Athletic Booster Board, one must be in recorded attendance for at least 2 meetings of the current year. Voting privileges will be allowed at the 3rd meeting in attendance.

In the event that the Richmond Athletic Booster Board should resolve to disband the organization, any moneys and assets shall be donated to the Athletic Department of Richmond Community Schools.

Contact the Richmond Athletic Booster Board at if you have any questions.

Athletic Booster Scholarship Information

The Athletic Boosters provide scholarships to varsity letter recipients who have a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher. Student-athletes who reside with board members are not eligible for this scholarship. Forms will be available for student-athletes no later than March of each year. The forms are due to the Richmond Athletic Booster Board president by the first Friday in April, each year. The Richmond Athletic Booster Board president will then make a scholarship questionnaire available to other board members for review. The president will call a meeting to vote on recipients of the scholarships. Once the recipients are agreed upon, the Richmond Athletic Booster Board president will have plaques and certificates created that will be presented to the student-athlete at the senior awards ceremony. To request a Scholarship application, email:

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an essential part of the gameday experience and allow our athletic events to happen. Both the Booster Club and the Athletic Department are in need of people to fill these positions. Please consider signing up by clicking the link below:

Fall Athletic Event Volunteers

Hall of Fame and Alumni Relations

Athletic Hall of Fame

Founded in 2022, the Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes Athletes, Coaches, Teams, and Program Contributors that have left their mark on Blue Devil Athletes. For more information on nominations, selection criteria, or past induction classes, use the link below:

Richmond Academic Hall of Honor and Athletic Hall of Fame