About Us

The mission of our school is "Working Together = Learning For All".  We truly live in a culture here at Lee where teachers, parents, students, and community members work in cooperation with each other, and create an environment that allows us to have the best educational environment we can produce.

It is our philosophy that before we teach Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies, we teach Children.  This approach demonstrates that we believe in establishing positive relationships with our students so as to build an environment of trust, in a caring and nurturing atmosphere.  We believe it is vital to establish this climate in order for students to reach their academic potential, as well as build their self confidence.

Our Belief Statements

  • We believe that learning is a lifelong process.

  • We believe that individual responsibility is fundamental to learning.

  • We believe there is strength in diversity.

  • We believe positive relationships enhance effectiveness.

  • We believe that working cooperatively enhances individual and group performances.

  • We believe that all individuals have unique gifts and talents.

  • We believe that change provides opportunities for growth.

  • We believe that a commitment to quality requires a system to continually improve.

  • We believe that learning empowers and that all individuals can learn.


Will L. Lee Elementary is a Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade building

  • Enrollment is 525 students PreK through 3rd grade

  • Teaching staff includes 2 administrators, 34 teachers, 2 secretaries, 5 paraprofessionals, and 7 support staff

  • Curriculum follows the Michigan Standard Curriculum

  • MLPP Literacy Model

  • Our after school programs are designed to provide necessary enrichment for our students.

  • Daily Specials Classes include: Art, Gym, Music, STEAM, and Technology

  • Students have library once a week with school librarian

  • Speech/Language Specialists

  • Integration of special needs students

  • FOSS kits to support the science curriculum

  • Extra Curricular Activities - Green Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Science Olympiad

  • Excellent reading and math intervention program

  • NWEA and DRA assessments used for instruction and curriculum support.

History of Will L. Lee Elementary School

Will L. Lee was superintendent of Richmond High School from 1900 to 1915, and his efforts, the school was placed on the university list. He then became a Macomb County School commissioner for the next 35 years.

Will L. Lee Elementary School, for kindergarten through sixth grade, was buile in 1954. It was named after a longtime educator and superintendent of the Richmond Community Schools. It was the fint "modern" school buil in the district. The classrooms for kindergarten through third grade each had a restroom in them, and each room had its own exterior door. Shortly after it was built, students were asked to pick up stones from the playground behind the building and put them in a hole dug for that purpose. Additions have been made to this building over the years.