Sound/lighting Personnel Request Form


Richmond Community Schools

Technical Design Request Form

What is the NAME of the event? 

What is/are the DATE(S) of the event?

What is/are the DATE(S) and TIME(S) of the REHEARSAL(S)? 

Will you require technicians for your rehearsal? 

What is the LOCATION of the event? 

What is the TIME of the event? 

What is the Group Name for the event? 


What is the Contacts TELEPHONE NUMBER? 

What is the Contacts EMAIL ADDRESS? 

What time would you like the SOUND/LIGHTING PERSONNEL at the location? 

Sound Requests (ALL LOCATIONS)

How many hand mics required?  

How many body/lapel do your require (Up to 5 available in high school Auditorium and 2 available at all other locations in combination with body/lapel mics)? 

Will you require floor mics? 

Will you require hanging mics (Available in the High School Auditorium ONLY)? 

Lighting Requests (High School Auditorium Only)

What areas of the auditorium need lighting? (Check all that apply.)

Stage in Front of Mid Cutains

Stage Behind Mid Curtains

Far Stage Left Apron

Far Stage Right Apron

Stage Right Ground

Stage Center Ground

Stage Left Ground

Will you require spotlihgts? 

Are there any additional lighting requirements for your event?  Please describe in as much detail as possible.

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