Graduation Requirements


Class of 2016-2019 Requirements Class of 2020 and Beyond Requirements

I.        I.     Graduation Requirements

A.  A student must earn a total of twenty-two credits in four years of high school work.  A credit is earned for satisfactorily completing a full year of work in a scheduled class.

B.  The High School Administration and an appropriate Committee of staff members determine the required sequence and timing of these credits.

C.  No student will be exempt from any graduation requirement except for proven physical disability, or as the result of an Educational Planning and Placement Committee meeting and/or approval of the Principal.

           D.     There are no exemptions to the 22-credit graduation requirement!

Student Load

A.    All students must schedule six (6) credits of classes.

B.     A student may schedule seven(7) credits of work only with the written permission of is/her counselor and parents.  Seven credits of work constitute a heavy schedule and are not recommended unless the student’s individual career goals justify such a load.

 III.   Testing Out

Any high school student who wishes to test-out of a core graduation required course may do so by taking the final examination for the course and receiving a grade of at least C+ (77%) or by demonstrating mastery of the subject matter as determined by the assessment used in lieu of a final examination. Credit for a course earned by a student through this process may be used to fulfill a course or course-sequence requirement but may not be counted toward the required number of credits needed for graduation nor be used to determine the student’s GPA.  

 IV.   Earning Credit

A student will receive credit only after the successful completion of a course with a minimum grade of “60%” or“credit”.  Credits are earned each semester.  Each semester class is worth a½ credit. In the process of completing credit requirements, students will been rolled in a high school program for eight (8) semesters.

 V.    Graduation Participation

To participate in graduation ceremonies, a student must have completed all graduation requirements including the earning of 22 credit hours.  

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