Art Department

*All classes listed in this section meet Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements for Visual,Performing, and Applied Arts.

Basic Design

            Grade:  9-12                            Credit:  ½ per semester 

            Prerequisites:  None

Description:  The study of basic design principles and elements in two-dimensional and three-dimensional design will be explored. The areas that will be explored include shading, design, sculpture,printmaking and color.  The course is designed for the student who is interested in exploring and experiencing the many areas of art.  This course is also a prerequisite for all other art classes. This course may be taken for a full year.

 Drawing 1

         Grade:  9-12                            Credit:  1/year

         Prerequisites:  “B” or better in Basic Design and teacher approval.  9th graders must have the recommendation of 8th grade art teacher and give examples of their drawing skills.

Description:  Drawing skills and techniques will be explored with emphasis on contour drawing, composition and shading.  The black and white media to be explored include pencil, charcoal, ink, conte crayon, and scratchboard.  This course is designed for the student who is interested in developing his/her drawing ability.

 Drawing 2

        Grade:  10-12                          Credit:  ½ per semester

        Prerequisites:  “B” or above in Drawing 1 or teacher approval.

Description:  This is a class for the serious art student with a strong background in drawing.  The class will explore advanced drawing techniques and problems.  The class will work in color media such as cray-pos, color pencil, and pastellos.  Portrait drawing will be introduced during the second semester.  This course may be taken for a full year.

Drawing 3

        Grade:  11-12                          Credit:  1/year

        Prerequisite:  “B” or better in Drawing and the teacher approval.

Description:  This class is for the student who is planning a career in art.  The class will concentrate on preparing a well-balanced portfolio for competition.  Continuation of portraiture, printmaking, and an introduction to watercolor will be covered. Each senior will also prepare a portfolio.

 Drawing 4

        Grade:  12                                Credit:  1/year

        Prerequisite:  “A” in Drawing 3 or teacher approval.

Description:  Drawing 4 is for a senior planning a career in art.  This class will be an independent study for the advanced drawing student.

 Photography 1

          Grade:  11–12                          Credit:  1/year

          Prerequisite:  None     

          Fee: $50 lab fee + other supplies

DescriptionDescription: Students will learn to make compositionally strong photographs through a variety of techniques.  They will learn digital and traditional photography, including how to edit photos digitally.  It is strongly encouraged for students to have a DSLR camera, but not mandatory.  We will be using both types of cameras but the digital camera is a higher priority.    Students will also learn to use the 35-mm SLR camera, process their film, and print their photos.   There will be cameras available to share in the classroom; however, these cameras may not be taken home.  Students should be prepared to buy their own paper and film.

 Photography 2

         Grade:  11–12                          Credit: 1/year

Prerequisite:  Must have a “B” or better in Photography 1 and teacher approval. Students are highly encouraged to have their own DSLR (digital camera) but not mandatory.

Fee: $50 lab fee for paper and film


Description:  This class is designed for the serious photography student and those interested in furthering their knowledge and experience in this field.  In this course more advanced exploration of techniques and principles from Photo 1 will be provided along with investigation of job opportunities.  Each senior will prepare a portfolio of work for art competitions, college admission or job placement.

Independent Photography

          Grade:  12                                Credit:  1/year

          Prerequisite:  “B” or better in Photo 2 and teacher approval.

Description:  This class is for the student who is serious about a career in photography.  Each student will work to develop a strong personal statement in his or her photos.  Students will also be responsible for a portfolio of work for competition.

 AP Art

                Grade:  12                                  Credit:  1/year

                Prerequisite:  “B+” or higher in Photography and permission from the art instructor.  

Description:  AP Art is for highly motivated senior art students that would like a college level challenge while in high school. This course considers of a considerable amount of time outside of the classroom and a serious commitment to quality artwork including summer homework.  Advanced Placement art is set to a National Standard. Students are expected to show a wide variety of conceptual idea and media. A digital portfolio of 24 works and 5 quality pieces of art are sent to the College Board Reviewers in New York for national review, potentially earning college credit. The “test” fee is set by The College Board and students will be highly encouraged to take this exam. 

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