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Our school district has changed the online facility use request program.  We are no longer using the SchoolDude Facility Use program.  Our district is now going to be using our website company SchoolMessenger Presence calendar program to maintain our facility use management.

  • Please see the link below for the new Facility Use Request Form. This online form will be used by anyone looking to request use of our Richmond Community School Facilities.
  • Please fill out the form as much as possible with your request. 
  • Once you have submitted your request you will receive an email with a copy of the information that you submitted to our district. 
  • By submitting your request it will also go to the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.
  • The request will be reviewed to verify date and room availability of your request.  Please allow 48 hours.
  • An email will be sent to you upon approval/denial of your request.
  • The request will be entered into our calendar system.

Facility Use Request Form

Outside organizations looking to use our facilities will need to continue to complete our Facility Use Agreement Form.  Outside organizations will also need to provide liability insurance, listing Richmond Community Schools as "additional insured".

To check availability, each school now has it's own calendar of events:

Will L Lee Elementary Calendar
Richmond Middle School Calendar
Richmond High School Calendar

For Sports related field information please check our Sports Calendar page:

Sports Calendar

If you need immediate assistance or have questions regarding our new system.  Please feel free to contact the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent via email jthiel@richmond.k12.mi.us or by phone 586-727-3565 ext 6002

For more information about fees and rooms available please scroll down.

On Monday, February 22, 2016, the Richmond Board of Education voted to adjust the definition of “Groups” utilizing the District’s facilities as well as the fee structure applied, retroactive to July 1, 2015.  The process to reserve any facility, room or field continues through the online Facility Use system.  Below you will find the definition and fees approved by the Board of Education, retroactive to July 1, 2015.

Facility Fees

High School Auditorium (Capacity 397)
$100 per hour plus a Technician Fee of $20 per hour to operate sound booth. However, if one of the pre-identified, District-approved Technicians volunteer their time, then the organization shall not be charged a Technician Fee.

$100 per hour for the high school gymnasium; $75 per hour for the middle school gymnasium; and $50 per hour for the elementary school gymnasium.

Auxiliary Gymnasium
$50 per hour for the High School and Middle School

$50 per hour - No access to the Kitchen
.  All events in the cafeteria that require the use of the kitchen shall be charged an additional cost of the District-assigned Food Service personnel.

Media Center
$50 per hour.
Media Center usage does not include use or access to the computer labs in the media center at the elementary and high school.

Computer Labs
$50 per hour.
All events that utilize a computer lab will be provided a District-assigned Network/Computer Technician.  This cost is already in included in the hourly fee.

$25 per hour.
During the school year, except when reserving the Auditorium, only classrooms not used on a regular basis for instruction or vacant classrooms shall be available.

Football/Soccer Field and Track (e.g. Stadium)
$100 per hour.  All events utilizing the Football/Soccer Field or Track that require lights will be charged an additional $25 per hour. This field shall be cut, maintained, and striped according to the agreement with the District’s lawn contractor, under the approval of the Superintendent.

Football Practice Field (behind the high school); Soccer Practice Fields (behind the middle school and by the elementary school); Baseball Fields (next to athletic stadium and near elementary school); and Softball Fields (behind the middle school).
$25 per hour for these fields.  Fields shall be cut and maintained according to the agreement with the District’s lawn contractor, under the approval of the Superintendent.  Organizations requesting the District to stripe the fields shall be assessed a fee according to the agreement with the District’s lawn contractor.

At no time shall an organizations, regardless of the Group they are assigned, cut the lawn, trim trees or make repairs to the District’s facilities without the prior authorization of the Superintendent.  An organization who is non-compliant may result in a suspension of current and future use of the facilities.​

General Information

If building access is required, the Group 2 and Group 3 Event Coordinator may be issued a swipe card for the date and time of the event listed in the online Facility Use system.  The Event Coordinator shall be defined as the individual assigned by the organization to complete the online Facility Use request.  All communication and correspondences from the District shall be sent to the Event Coordinator.  Swipe cards may be reused for future events.  A $20 fee shall be assessed for lost swipe cards.

For events that occur within the building, the assigned custodian, who may not be scheduled to work within the building where the event is taking place, shall unlock any rooms approved on the online facility use request.  A custodian may be assigned to a specific event within a building depending on the type of event, the date of the event, the number of people attending the event, the set-up of the event, and the facilities requested.  At no time will keys be issued to non-district employees. 

For events that only occur outside of the buildings, the event coordinator shall be given a telephone number to call if they are in need of custodial assistance.

For more information about the use of facility or fee structures, please email Brian J. Walmsley, Ed.S., Superintendent, at bwalmsley@richmond.k12.mi.us.

Security Badge and Key Request Form

To request a security Badge and/or Key(s), click on the link below to complete a Security Badge and Key Distribution Form:

Security Card and Key Distribution Form.pdf
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